Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
Trike Theatre’s production of

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

Date: April 13-14 and April 20-21

Location: Starr Theater at Walton Arts Center

*The 10am show on April 14 is a relaxed performance. Select performances in our season have been adapted to incorporate special modifications to serve adults and children with sensory-input disorders, autism or other developmental or cognitive disability, as well as anyone who might feel uncomfortable attending a typical live theater performance. Please click here to learn more.


Lilly loves almost everything! She loves school, she loves wearing disguises, she loves her awesome teacher, but not her stinky baby brother Julius. Lilly has her own way of doing things and even on the bad days, when you have movie star sunglasses and a purple plastic purse that plays music, how bad can it be? Adapted from the award winning children's books by Kevin Henkes, Trike Theatre brings to life Lilly's hilarious and heart-felt journey where even young mice make mistakes and have to find the courage to apologize. Great for ages 3+.


  • Chester - David Anthony
  • Wilson - Katie Wee
  • Mom/Preg lady/FBI 2 - Kassie Misiewicz
  • Dad/Salesman/ FBI 2 - Bryce Kemph
  • Mr. Slinger - Steven Marzolf
  • Grammy - Pat Relph
  • Lilly - Evelyn Longwell (Purse Cast); Abigail Beale (Boots Cast)
  • Cousin Garland - Lia Arano (Purse Cast); Tori Copper (Boots Cast)
  • Raphael - Sheil Uranker (Purse Cast); Emily Vukin (Boots Cast)
  • Olga - Elia Tellex (Purse Cast); Uma Kyles (Boots Cast)
  • Terry - Courtney Roberts (Purse Cast); Mabel Wise (Boots Cast)
  • Carol - Annabell Rich (Purse Cast); Addie Lundy (Boots Cast)
  • Dawson - Devin Deluca (Purse Cast); Clifford McDaniel (Boots Cast)
  • Julius - Mattea Peterson (Purse Cast); Laurianna Sweetser (Boots Cast)

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Part of the Mattel Kids Series

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