Leaving an Arts Legacy

Did you know you can support a cause you love and enjoy a tax savings without paying a cent today? Many friends of Walton Arts Center choose to include us in their will, trust or life insurance. Naming Walton Arts Center to receive a percentage of a retirement account or insurance policy is as simple as signing one document. No lawyers or convoluted language required.

Legacy gifts come in all shapes and sizes and are tailored to meet your family’s needs. They can even help your heirs avoid some taxes. Most donors are not multi-millionaires. For most of us, directing a small percentage of an IRA, 401k, or life insurance policy to a favorite charity may be the largest gift we ever make.

Consult your financial planner or an accountant about your specific situation. But we can start a conversation with you about the options for making a legacy gift that benefits Walton Arts Center while protecting your family.

Please call Becky Brink at 479.316.7504 to start your legacy conversation.