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Put Yourself On the artlook® Map

Walton Arts Center and CACHE have joined forces to bring the artlook® map to Washington, Benton and Madison counties. This online tool will connect schools, arts organizations and funders with the goal of increasing access, equity and quality arts programs in every grade and every public school in these counties.

Information at your fingertips

artlook is an interactive map that allows:

  • Schools to showcase their existing programs and communicate their current needs.
  • Arts organizations to easily display their existing arts programs and identify potential partner schools.
  • Funders to understand the reach of their investments and easily identify opportunity gaps.

Why artlook?

artlook can help track student access to the arts within the region’s schools, and with that information we can take steps to equitably close gaps. artlook also facilitates connections and partnerships between arts organizations and schools resulting in quality arts programming for students. In the long term, artlook can give parents, administrators and legislators the data needed to create arts policy and funding equity for all students in Northwest Arkansas. There are no other platforms currently doing this work.

How does it work?

artlook is live at with data from the Arkansas Department of Education about our area schools, and basic profiles for arts organizations. We will need your help to complete your school or arts organization’s profile. Here’s how you can help:

  • Submit Data: You can complete an artlook partner profile for your arts organization or school by completing a survey about your current programs and resources. Once submitted, the survey can continue to be edited. If you add or remove programs, you can easily update your profile so that it’s always accurate.
  • Connect with Schools and Partners: Use the artlook map ( as a search engine to find information on schools and arts organizations’ programs – including identifying potential partners to provide or receive quality arts programming for students.

Do you work in a local school? Find arts partners offering exactly what you need.

Are you an arts organization with programs to offer schools? Use artlook’s search and filter functions to find schools in need of what you provide.

In Jan. 2023, artlook will be promoted to the public as the one place to turn to for arts education information about our region. You want to make sure that your school or organization is represented on this map.

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artlook is made possible by a grant from the Walton Family Foundation.