Visual Arts


Our first-ever regional visual arts exhibition showcasing creative talents from within NWA!
Sept. 30-Nov. 5


Joy Pratt Markham Gallery

The Joy Pratt Markham Gallery presents exhibitions of works by both emerging and internationally recognized artists.  You're invited to explore new perspectives on nature, identity and community.

Joy Pratt Markham Gallery Hours:

Monday-FRIDAY | Noon to 2pm
One hour prior to most performances
Gallery admission is free

Private gallery tours may be scheduled in advance by calling 479.571.2766. Please arrange your tour at your earliest convenience. We request three business days’ notice to schedule tour guides.

Support for Walton Arts Center Visual Arts is generously provided by the Windgate Foundation and Friends of Walton Arts Center.

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Current Exhibitions

Listening Objects
By Steve Parker (artist, musician, curator)



TOPO Map for School Avenue

Topo Map body image

On display throughout 2018 and beyond

This is a temporary public art installation made of thermoplastic by artist Stacy Levy. City of Fayetteville and Walton Arts Center commissioned the artwork with support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Its form is a life-scale topographic map of the terrain between Dickson and Mountain Streets and a visual reminder of the issues of water in Fayetteville’s hilly landscape.

Check out a video that explains how the installation was created and the inspiration behind it!

Learn even more about TOPO Map.

Learn about the wondeful Intermission Mural in our lobby!