Jesse Cook

DATE: Friday, Jan. 10, 8pm

LOCATION: Baum Walker Hall at Walton Arts Center

TICKETS: starting at $25


After 16 years of musical training, Jesse Cook’s ability as a performer came to widespread public attention when a cable television company played his recordings as piped in background music for the channel guide.

Since then, Cook has traveled the globe looking for sounds that resonate with him. Known for his intoxicating fusion of world music, the Juno Award winner’s songs transport you – to Cairo, Brazil, Spain and beyond. He’s a flamenco master – a virtuoso with fingers that dance across his acoustic guitar. Delivering like no other musician in this field, the twists and turns of genres and mood swings articulate a wide range of emotions that make his performances an especially moving musical experience.

WAC Blog:

Jesse Cook Takes Nuevo Flamenco Beyond Borders

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