Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs

Out of The Blues Tour

DATE: Sunday, April 7, 7pm

LOCATION: Baum Walker Hall at Walton Arts Center

TICKETS: $50-$95

PRE-PAID PARKING: remember to purchase pre-paid parking along with your tickets for a guaranteed space in the nearby parking deck!


It’s appropriate that Boz Scaggs’ new album is Out of the Blues, since the blues is what first sparked his musical career. Growing up in Oklahoma and Texas, Scaggs spent his teenage years immersed in the blues, R&B and early rock ‘n’ roll.

In 1967, Scaggs joined the Steve Miller Band in San Francisco, performing on their albums Children of the Future and Sailor before launching his solo career, which garnered him massive commercial success. With chart-topping singles, Grammy®-winning songs and a fiercely loyal audience, Scaggs has spent five decades refining his approach. Now, he returns to Northwest Arkansas with a finely developed stylistic mastery, playing audience favorite songs and new tunes that demonstrate now, more than ever, Boz Scaggs has found his voice.

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