Music Moves presents

The Gospel Truth

An Evening with the Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra

Proceeds from ticket sales will go to provide PPE to area schools.

DATE: Sunday, Sept. 20, 6:30pm

LOCATION: Walton Arts Center

TICKETS: $25-$100


“In a time where truth is rarely found in its simplest form we wanted to share songs that speak to the heart and the plight of Black America. These songs were chosen because of their classical and gospel compositions” said Reginald James executive director of Music Moves. “The communicative aspect of music is a worldwide phenomenon and it is just as true in sharing the Black experience in America.  These songs speak truth to power and yet lovingly encourages each listener to see themselves in a better place and propells us in moving forward together."

The Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra (APO) was founded in 2008 by a group of music lovers and musicians to provide professional performance opportunities for local musicians, educational concerts for young people, and an after school string program.  Under the direction of Miles Fish, the Philharmonic delighted audiences with a Valentine’s Day Concert, an orchestral concert featuring NWA’s finest local musicians and a spectacular Holiday concert in December 2009.

The APO continues to grow with Northwest Arkansas under the direction of Steven Byess.  The Philharmonic is an integral part of the community by employing local, professional musicians and being leaders in music education for our young musicians.  We are delighted to be your Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra.

Music Moves is dedicated to exposing local, regional and national communities to the extraordinary contributions of Black people to all genres of music.  Music Moves develops curriculum, interactive programs and performances to share the stories of these individuals and their influence on American culture.  Our mission is to make African American music accessible to students and to our communities through performance and education.

With the collaboration of the Arkansas philharmonic orchestra and Music Moves we hope that this blended journey will allow your spirits to soar and also to create a reflective surface for inward growth as we build a better tomorrow for everyone.