Indie Films Central and South America

Curated by Fayetteville Film Fest

DATE: Friday, Jan. 13, 8pm

LOCATION: Walton Arts Center


Central & South AmericaFilm Summaries 

House (10:05) 

  • City of Origin: Austin, Texas 
  • Director: Hannah Martinez 
  • The story follows Liza, a woman dealing with severe compulsions and a strained family relationship as she tries to leave her house. She realizes she can’t leave when the house starts falling apart. 

Grilled Queso (12:49)  

  • City of Origin: Austin, Texas 
  • Director: Sergio Muñoz Ezquer 
  • A night in the life of a couple working in a food truck in one of the busiest areas in Austin, Texas. 

Síon Papí (19:51)  

  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic 
  • Director: Anne Fernandez 
  • Still in shock following the death of her father, Anne is thrust into a trip to the Dominican Republic, a place she hasn’t visited in 16 years, to bury her father’s ashes. 

Taquito Patrol (17:19) 

  • City of Origin: Los Angeles, California 
  • Director: Thomas Pallier 
  • Miguel and Edwardo are on a dangerous journey to the United States under the cover of darkness. Just before dawn, Miguel is captured by a self-proclaimed boarder guard who imprisons him in his trailer.   

Total 66:68 minutes - 1 hr 7 min