Hot Club of San Francisco presents Cinema Vivant
Hot Club of San Francisco's

Cinema Vivant

DATE: Thursday, Jan. 10, 7pm

LOCATION: Baum Walker Hall at Walton Arts Center


PRE-PAID PARKING: remember to purchase pre-paid parking along with your tickets for a guaranteed space in the nearby parking deck!

Come back the next night for a Swing Dance Party with the band!


Imagine yourself in the idyllic French countryside in the 1930’s. A gypsy caravan sets up a film projector in a field outside of town, luring the locals out for an evening’s fun. 

As the images flicker to life beneath the stars, gypsy musicians play their guitars and fiddles, matching every movement on the screen. Reviving this lost entertainment, The Hot Club of San Francisco presents Cinema Vivant, an evening of vintage silent films accompanied by live gypsy swing. Featuring two films by the famed European stop-action filmmaker Ladislaw Starewicz, this charming performance celebrates music of the past with intricate, scorching and often brilliant renditions of the film’s original scores.

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