Our Fragile Home
Pat Musick

  • Exhibition Dates: January 6 – March 31, 2015

The installation of paintings and sculptures was created through more than a decade of collaboration between Pat Musick and her husband. Our Fragile Home was inspired by the 1990 Earth Day Conference held at the United Nations in New York City. Carr was one of forty astronauts and cosmonauts who participated. Six speakers representing the United States, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Russia were invited to address the conference in their native language and describe their impressions of the earth from outer space. Listening with one of the simultaneous translation headsets provided to audience members, Musick noted that although the six speakers did not wear the headsets and hear each other in translation, they used the same key words, “Sustain”, “Protect”, “Balance”, “Harmony”, “Nurture”, “Fragile”, “Steward”, and “Beauty”.

Musick recognized that these words embody both the urgent need for creative responses to climate change and the potential for new and shared perspectives. Her artworks provide moving and memorable images of both the fragility and resilience of the earth.

Pat Musick and Jerry Carr live in Manchester Center, Vermont. Musick has been a professional artist her entire life and Carr became her creative partner after retiring from NASA and a subsequent career in space engineering. Musick conceives of and designs all of the works on paper. Carr engineers and fabricates the steel and woodwork. They complete the finishing touches together. “We work together in pure collaboration,” said Musick. “We have a different perspective when we work with the different materials, but the important thread that we share is the love of the environment.”

Musick and Carr’s artworks are represented in the permanent collections of over fifty museums and public spaces throughout the United States.