What questions will on the ballet for the November 12 special election? Voters will  be asked to approve a bond to do the following three things. Each issue is voted on separately:

  • Provide $1.5M to pay off existing Town Center bond
  • Provide $6.9M to help fund Walton Arts Center renovations
  • Provide $3.5M for development of regional park (soccer and baseball fields)

What happens to our taxes if the bond doesn’t pass?  What happens if it does pass?  Nothing!  If the bond issue doesn’t pass, the tax money would go back into the A&P general funds. Approval of the bonds would not result in a tax increase, and defeat would not lower taxes.

What will the $6.9M go toward?  The bond will help fund the design and construction of expanding and renovating the Walton Arts Center on Dickson Street.  

If the vote passes, what is the timeline of the WAC expansion? 

  • Fundraising is underway, goal is to complete the campaign in 2-3 years
  • Construction to begin early to mid-2014 – completed by 2016

What will happen to the WAC expansion/renovation if the bond does not pass? This expansion is critical for the future of Fayetteville. The bond money is a key part of our fundraising plan, if it does not pass, we will have to re-evaluate our plans. 

How will you raise the rest of the $13M?  The bond is a cornerstone of our fundraising plan as it will leverage other gifts to expand and renovate this facility, that is jointly owned by the City of Fayetteville and the UA.  We anticipate approximately 1/3 of the funding coming from public sources (the bond); 1/3 from individuals; and 1/3 from foundations.