Walton Arts Center announces Jenni Taylor Swain, Vice President of Programming will retire from her position in June 2016. Swain has spent the past 25 years leading education and programming at Walton Arts Center and is widely regarded as a visionary programmer and one of the most enthusiastic arts advocates in Northwest Arkansas.

“Twenty-five years ago I was hired to start the education program for a new arts center opening in Fayetteville. I will never forget my first day of work when I met Helen Walton for the first time and walked the construction site with her as Walton Arts Center was rising from the ground. Last week, I walked a similar path to see the steel being installed in the lobby for the renovation project. It has been an incredible journey as part of Walton Arts Center's founding and growth and I am deeply grateful for the privilege of being part of the organization,” Ms. Taylor Swain commented. “I have grown immensely in my time at Walton Arts Center and I will always be a loyal patron and supporter. I look forward to new opportunities ahead to explore, innovate and create,” she said.

“Jenni has been the heart of all programs at Walton Arts Center and positioned Northwest Arkansas as a major destination for artists from all over the world,” said Peter B. Lane, president & CEO, Walton Arts Center. “As we look toward the future, we hope to build upon her legacy that has impacted millions of attendees and set the trajectory for artistic growth in Northwest Arkansas.”

Taylor Swain lives in Fayetteville with her husband David Swain where they raised two sons Aidan and Dominic, who are currently attending universities and seeking their own adventures with curiosity and creativity.