Local Actors Take the Stage at Walton Arts Center in Trike Theatre’s Production of Peter Pan

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS, October 16, 2018 – When Trike Theatre’s production of Peter Pan takes the stage at Walton Arts Center for an eight-show run on November 2-3 and November 9-10, it will feature a cast of 18 local children and three adults.

During each performance nine children have the incredible opportunity to perform on the Walton Arts Center stage alongside adult performers as they bring to life the grand adventures of Peter Pan. Trike Theatre’s production will include shadow puppetry, visual effects and stage elements that will spark the imagination of all ages.

Performances of Peter Pan are Friday, Nov. 2 and Nov. 9 at 7 pm and Saturday, Nov. 3 and Nov. 10 at 10 am, 2 and 7 pm in Walton Arts Center’s Starr Theater. Tickets are $9 for children and $15 for adults plus applicable fees and can be purchased in-person at the Walton Arts Center Box Office, by calling 479.443.5600 or by visiting waltonartscenter.org.

The evening shows of Peter Pan are “PJ friendly.” Fans of all ages are encouraged to come dress in their pajamas and enjoy the show.

The shows on Nov. 3 at 10 am and Nov. 10 at 7 pm will be relaxed performances. All patrons are welcome at these special performances, however in order to make the shows more accessible to people with sensory-processing disorders, autism and developmental or cognitive challenges, adjustments have been made to the production. Sound levels in the production will be lowered, and lights in the seating area will be dimmed rather than full dark during the performance.

Relaxed performances can be more active and feel more casual than typical performance settings; some patrons will speak out and vocalize, while others will leave and re-enter the seating area throughout the performance. The use of mobile electronic devices as a communication device is also allowed during the performance, though no photography or recording will be permitted during the performance.

Walton Arts Center has also provided some frequently asked questions about relaxed performance and a social story on the website to help families prepare for their visit to the theater.

Announcing the Cast of Trike Theatre’s Peter Pan:

Adult Cast

  • Hook− Steven Marzolf
  • Mrs. Darling/Smee− Betsy Jilka
  • Adult Wendy/Tinkerbell/Tiger Lily, Pirate− Jasmine Neal
  • Mermaid Cast
  • Peter Pan− Wyatt Rice, eighth grader at Washington Junior High
  • Wendy− Mabel Wise, eighth grader at Lingle Middle School
  • Michael− Grace Gundberg, fourth grader at ANH Montessori
  • Slightly (lost boy) − Dylan Prince, eighth grader at Fullbright Junior High
  • Tootles (lost boy) − Lilly Gundberg, seventh grader at Hass Hall Bentonville
  • Nibs (lost boy) − Annabelle Ritch, fifth grader at Homeschool
  • Jane/Curly (lost boy) − Uma Kyles, fifth grader at Arkansas Arts Academy
  • Starke (pirate) − Connor Gundberg, ninth grader at Hass Hall Bentonville
  • Junior Production Assistant− Maeve Hintz, eighth grader at Thaden School

Crocodile Cast

  • Peter Pan− Ian Sonnabend, eighth grader at Thaden School
  • Wendy− Peyton Lyons, eighth grader at Hass Hall Fayetteville
  • Michael− Magdalena Hunter, fourth grader at Thomas Jefferson Elementary
  • Slightly (lost boy) − Courtney Roberts, eighth grader at Fullbright Junior High
  • Tootles (lost boy) − Whitney Webb, seventh grader at Washington Junior High
  • Nibs (lost boy) − Indiana Hunter, fourth grader at Thomas Jefferson Elementary
  • Jane/Curly (lost boy) − Evelyn Longwell, fourth grader at Sugar Creek
  • Starke (pirate) − Grason Unzelman, senior at Rogers High School
  • Junior Production Assistant− Isaac Smith, junior at Bentonville High School

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