Jazzy Ash Brings New Orleans Jazz for Kids and Families to Walton Arts Center

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS, March 9, 2018Walton Arts Center is excited to present a lively and soulful concert just for children and families by Jazzy Ash & The Leaping Lizards perform Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 6 pm.

Tickets are $9 for kids and $15 for adults and can be purchased in-person at the Walton Arts Center Box Office, by calling 479.443.5600 or by visiting waltonartscenter.org

From jazz to Caribbean rhythms to the lively children's music, Jazzy Ash’s songs celebrate the magic of movement, with a lot of sugar and sass thrown in, New Orleans–style. Her fourth album Swing Set was released in July 2017.

The album features 14 songs that represent and celebrate music created by African-American children, adults and musicians from the mid-1800s to the early jazz era. Swing Set gives listeners a fresh take on sassy playground clapping songs, soulful lullabies and classic New Orleans melodies, all presented in style by Jazzy Ash and her band.

Jazzy Ash, also known as Ashli Christoval, grew up with a mom from New Orleans and a dad from Trinidad. Music infused her home life every day, from jazz to Caribbean rhythms to the lively children’s music, which was playing all the time for the kids in her mother’s home day care. She often spent summers in New Orleans with her aunts and grandparents, enjoying the culture and music that permeated their West Bank neighborhood. Later on, after becoming mom to two sons, she earned a degree in early childhood development and embarked on her music education program, Leaping Lizards Music.

Bon Voyage, released in 2015, features gypsy jazz, zydeco, swing, blues and Dixieland, to encourage kids and their grown-ups to celebrate the music of New Orleans as part of the American folk music heritage. Red Tricycle called Bon Voyage one of the “best kid-rock albums to put on repeat”. Jazzy Ash’s cover of the Louis Armstrong classic “Heebie Jeebies” reached #1 on SiriusXM Kids Place Live radio.

Jazzy Ash’s strong alto vocals and a fully orchestrated sound add to some sophisticated listening for the grownups. For kids, these songs celebrate “the movement of life,” according to Christoval. “These songs are about all things that move around – bikes, trains, boats, fireflies, etc. – and all of the ways we move our bodies, too.”

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