Comedy In The Atrium

Raj Suresh, Shawna Blake, JJ Molinaro and John Michael Cronin

DATE: Thursday, April 1, 7pm

LOCATION: Walker Atrium at Walton Arts Center

TICKETS: FREE with reservation

While attending this event, please follow these protocols for your safety and the safety of others:

  • Do not move tables or chairs. Stay seated at your designated table during the concert unless you are visiting concessions or the restroom.
  • Wear your mask when moving through the venue and while seated at your table, unless you are actively eating or drinking.
  • Wash your hands regularly. Hand sanitizing stations are available for use throughout the venue. 


Raj Suresh is a stand-up comedian who tells jokes about cats, being Indian, Adele and other redheads. His debut album, Semi Famous reached #2 on the iTunes comedy charts and #12 on Billboard. This year (and every year, really) he hopes to hang out with Coldplay (or Emma Stone), tell more jokes and get over his affinity for White Claw and Fireball.

Shawna Blake delivers surprising and hilarious performances with calm confidence, a wink and a few finger guns. She brings the crowd along like close friends, divulging embarrassing moments, private thoughts and personal victories. Her small-town charm and cutting wit have delighted audiences throughout Arkansas. Shawna has worked with top comedians like Dave Attell, Jeff Ross, Michelle Wolf, Dan Soder, Matt Braunger, Alice Wetterlund, Chris Fairbanks and has made appearances at the Blue Whale comedy festival year after year.

J.J Molinaro’s comedic style can’t be defined by one line but most of his jokes can. Molinaro’s quick wit combined with his absurd cleverness has left hundreds of audiences across the region in stitches. He’s an Arkansas native currently studying law at the University of Arkansas by day, writing jokes and watching professional wrestling by night.

John Michael Cronin is a stand-up comedian, husband and father with a family full of athletes, academics and postmen. He cleverly turns his life's mayhem into humor – mostly as a coping mechanism. 

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