I Think I Can
Walton Arts Center’s Joy Pratt Markham Gallery
June 16-27 | Free to public

Join us to help create the city of Artoville!

I Think I Can is an interactive installation by Terrapin Theater of Australia. Their artistic team will build a model railway layout in Joy Pratt Markham Gallery of a new town called Artoville. This new town needs character, and that’s where you come in! It is your job to create the story of Artoville and its residents through tiny puppets that each have their own identity.

You and your family can choose a puppet and insert them into the tale of our arts + nature-inspired community. Then, you can create a story for the online newspaper, the Artosphere Democrat-Gazette, and watch as the town grows and your character’s story evolves!

This exhibit unites model trains, intricate puppetry, live video and audience participation to create an innovative public artwork.