Classroom Series

Q: How long do the performances last?
A: Performances last for approximately one hour, unless otherwise noted. Please make every effort to arrive at Walton Arts Center 30 minutes prior to the performance start time. All performances will begin at the scheduled time to ensure students return to school as planned.

Q: How many tickets may we reserve?
A: Please register only for the amount of seats you need for students and adults. Claiming excess tickets or allowing large amounts of tickets to go unused keeps other students from enjoying the Classroom Series - and may result in the removal of future show registrations.

Q: How many parents may come with our group?
A: School groups receive one adult ticket for every ten student tickets. These are for teachers, parents and other adult chaperones. We regret that additional parent tickets are unavailable. 

Q: Does each school or grade level need one person in charge of registration?
A: Ideally, yes. This reduces confusion and duplicate orders. Additionally, that point person can make sure the correct teachers receive the information pertaining to their selected performance.

Q: Will I get a confirmation of my registration?

A: Yes. This confirmation will be automated from our ticketing system, so do not reply. Please note that your order will be relisted under your school, not your personal name.

Q: Will we be reminded about our registration closer to the event?
A: Performance reminders are emailed approximately two weeks before your performance. Reminder includes the number of seats reserved, the date and time of the performance. If any information does not match your records, please notify as soon as possible to make adjustments.

Q: Are these reserved seats?
A: No, groups will be seated by busload in order of arrival. Walton Arts Center staff will greet your bus and guide you through the check-in process. Seating is general admission and will be determined by order of arrival, special needs and at the discretion of the House Manager.

Q: Oh no, we need to make changes!
A: That's okay! Please use the Change Request Form to let us know. Emails often get lost, sent to junk folder, etc, so this form will allow the Walton Arts Center team to help you.

Q: Where should I tell the bus driver to drop us off?
A: Buses should come to the south of Walton Arts Center via Spring Street and pull through the drive to drop off students at the doors located on West Ave. 
If you have special needs, please use the West Ave entrance and ramp.
There will be Walton Arts Center staff present to direct buses, greet your group and help everyone find their seats.

Q: Is there a place to eat lunch before or after our performance?
A: Space permitting, we are happy to accommodate your group reservation to enjoy their lunch at Walton Arts Center. Indoor and outdoor spaces are available. Please make your lunch request through the Change Request Form.

Q: How do homeschool groups register?
A: All Classroom Series tickets are free this year for both schools and homeschools. 
However, homeschools should register as a group/co-op (not individual families). 
There should be one Homeschool contact to register for the group. That contact is responsible for all correspondence with attendees regarding their registration and any changes. Upon arrival, there will be a designated check-in and gathering space for homeschool groups. Homeschools will be seated once the majority of the group has arrived. 

Q: I have more questions!
A: That's okay!  Contact our Schools Concierge, at