Colgate Classroom Series Forms & Info

Q: How long do the performances last?
A: All performances are approximately 1 hour, unless otherwise specified. 

Q: Can I change my attendance numbers?
A: Yes, you can use the Change Request Form to adjust your numbers up until 2 weeks 
prior to the performance. 

Q: How do I know my form was received?
A: You will receive a confirmation email of all forms submitted. If you do not receive a 
confirmation email, please notify the School Concierge

Q: When do I get a confirmation?

A: You should receive a confirmation about 2 weeks after registration has been processed. 

Q: Why do I have to pay for the amount reserved?
A: This is so we can accommodate as many students as possible at each performance. 
Because of the growing number of schools participating in our educational programs we
reach capacity for many performances throughout the year. 

Q: What is the Performance Reminder Card for?
A: This is a reminder of the performance information you signed up for. 
They are mailed approximately 2 weeks before the performance. They include the number of
seats reserved, date and time of performance.

Q: What is the Day of Show Card for?
A: You will receive the Day of Show Card when you arrive at WAC for your performance. 
You will be greeted and guided by a WAC staff member through the check-in process. 

Q: How do we purchase Parent Tickets?
A: School groups receive one complimentary adult ticket per every ten student tickets 
to accommodate teachers, parents and other adult chaperones. We regret 
that additional parent tickets are unavailable. 

Q: I have more questions!
A: That's okay!  Contact our Schools Concierge, at

Day of Show Procedures

Information for Bus Drivers
  • Bus drivers must follow the instructions of WAC staff to ensure the children's safety
  • Bus drop-off and loading information will be sent to schools and bus barns two weeks prior to performances.
Information for Teachers/Chaperones
  • All performances will start on time, regardless of latecomers. This is in an effort to ensure that you and your students return to school as scheduled. Please make every effort to arrive at WAC 30 minutes prior to the performance start time.
  • A performance reminder will be mailed approximately 2 weeks prior to the performance date. Please review it to ensure all information is correct
  • Parent Tickets: School groups receive one complimentary adult ticket per every ten student tickets to accommodate teachers, parents and other adult chaperones. We regret that additional parent tickets are unavailable.
  • Please notify the school concierge as soon as you are aware of any special needs your group may require. This includes wheelchair seating, vision and hearing. School concierge contact: 479.571.2743 or
  • When your bus arrives, you will be greeted by a WAC staff member who will ask for the exact number of students and adults on your bus. If half of your class is on another bus, please inform the greeter of this at this time.
  • Your greeter will then lead you and your students inside where you will check-in and wait to be seated.
  • Students are seated by bus and we will do our best to accommodate multiple bus groups but please understand this is not always possible.
  • All school performances run about 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.