Colgate Classroom Series

Colgate Classroom Series

Walton Arts Center believes that access to the arts is essential for all children and works to provide every child in Northwest Arkansas with exceptional and ongoing arts experiences.

The Colgate Classroom Series offers live matinee performances in a variety of art forms including dance, theater, puppetry, and world music to school groups. These performances are opportunities for young people to explore world cultures, make connections to important works of literature, or to learn more about art forms through lecture/demonstration format.

Performances are chosen for their ability to enrich class curriculum.

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The 2017-2018 Classroom Series is supported by:

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The Secret Life of Suitcases

9:30am & 11:30am
Starr Theater at Walton Arts Center
Best For: Upper Elementary and up

Larry, stuck in his routine, has no time for fun; but when a mysterious suitcase suddenly appears at his door things begin to change. Larry’s world turns upside-down as this fantastical flying suitcase pushes him to become braver than he ever imagined possible. Larry discovers the thrill of adventure as well as delight in the security of home. A co-production between Ailie Cohen Puppet Maker, one of Scotland’s leading puppetry companies, and the Unicorn Theatre, the UK’s leading theater for young audiences, Secret Life of Suitcases celebrates a handmade aesthetic in a digital world, urging us to embrace the world in all its tactile beauty and complexity.


Arkansas Learning Standards: RL.3.1; RL.3.2; RL.3.3; RL.3.5; RL.3.6; RL4.3, RL.5.3; RL.4.5,RL.5.5; SL.3.1, SL.4.1, SL.5.1 ; SL.3.4. Fine Arts Standards Theatre: CR.1.3.2, CR1.4.2; P.5.3.2, P.5.4.2; R.7.3.1, R.7.4.1, R.7.5.1, R.7.6.1.; R.8.3.1, R.8.4.1, R.8.5.1, R.8.6.1; R.8.5.2, R.8.6.2; R.9.3.1, R.9.4.1, R.9.5.1, R.9.6.1; R.9.3.3, R.9.4.3; CN10.3.1, CN.10.4.1. Theatre Appreciation: CR.1.TA.3; CR.2.TA.2; P.4.TA.1; P.4.TA.4; P.4.TA.5; P.4.TA.6; R.7.TA.3; R.7.TA.4; R.8.TA.1; R.8.TA.2; R.9.TA.1; R.9.TA.2; CN.11.TA.4; CN.11.TA.5; CN.11.TA.7. Theatre I – III: CR.2.THI.4, CR.2.THII.4.

Digging Up Arkansas

Sept. 5-8 and Sept. 11-15
9:30am & 11:30am
Starr Theater at Walton Arts Center
Sept. 19-22

Peel Mansion Museum & Heritage Gardens Home, Bentonville
Sept. 25-29
9:30am & 11:30am

Pea Ridge National Military Park
Best For: Upper Elementary

Digging Up Arkansas is an original play that tells the story of three writers from the Federal Writer’s Project who invite students to think about historic artifacts before President Roosevelt’s scheduled arrival in Arkansas. They explore historical Arkansas moments and discover how Communication, Cooperation, Courage and Culture have shaped our state’s history. Topics investigated include Arkansas’ first people, the Arkansas Post, the Civil War, important women’s roles in Arkansas history, music and the introduction of electricity to rural Arkansas. The play aligns with 3rd through 5th grade Arkansas history curriculum goals. Digging Up Arkansas, presented by Walton Arts Center, written by Northwest Arkansas playwright and educator Mike Thomas and performed by Trike Theatre of Bentonville, engages young people in Arkansas history through drama.

 Digging Up Arkansas Performance Guide (PDF)

Arkansas Learning Standards: RL.3.2, RL.4.2, RL.5.2; RL.3.6, RL.4.6, RL.5.6; RI.3.3, RI.4.3, RI.5.3; W.3.8, W.4.8, W.5.8; SL.3.1, SL.4.1, SL.5.1; SL.3.4, SL.4.4, SL.5.4; SL3.5, SL4.5, SL.5.5; L.3.3, L4.3, L5.3. Fine Arts Standards Theatre: CR.1.3.1, CR1.4.1, CR1.5.1; CR2.3.2, CR.2.4.2, CR.2.5.2; P.6.3.1, P.6.4.1; R.7.3.1, R.7.4.1; R.9.3.1, R.9.4.1; R.9.3.3, R.9.4.3; CN.11.3.2, CN.11.4.2; CR.1.5.1; CR.3.5.1; P.4.5.2; R.7.5.1; R.8.5.1; CN.11.5.3; R.9.MA.1.

Down the Dirt Road Blues

Jan. 24-26
9:30am & 11:30am

Starr Theater at Walton Arts Center
Best For: Middle School and up

Down the Dirt Road Blues tells the story of one song’s journey through American history and culture, with stops in Arkansas along the way. It begins with a melody carried in the heart of a man chained in the hold of a slave ship. Using era-appropriate instruments as accompaniment, blues artist Spencer Bohren moves the African melody from Delta cotton fields to urban Memphis, Tennessee, and on to the Appalachian mountains, the studios of Nashville, the genesis of the Rock ‘n’ Roll era, and the Folk Boom and English Invasion of the 1960s.

 Down the Dirt Road Blues Performance Guide (PDF)

Arkansas Learning Standards: Arkansas History: CG.6.AH.7-8.1; H.7.AH.7-8.1; H.7.AH.7-8.8; H.7.AH.7-8.9; Era4.4.AH.9-12.1; Era4.4.AH.9-12.5; Era5.5.AH.9-12.1; Era5.5.AH.9-12.4; Era6.6.AH.9-12.2.
Fine Arts Standards Music: P.6.5.3; CRA.SL.1; R.7.5.3,R.7.6.3, R.7.7.3, R.7.8.3; R.8.6.1; R.8.5.1, R.8.6.1; R.8.7.1, R.8.8.1; R.9.5.1, R.9.6.1, R.9.7.1, R.9.8.1; CN.10.6.1, CN.10.7.1, CN.10.8.1; Cn.11.6.1, CN.11.7.1, CN.11.8.1, CN.11.6.2, CN.11.7.2, CN.11.8.2; P.6.MA.2; R.9.MA.1. Music Appreciation: P.4.MA.1; P.5.MA.1; P.6.MA.2; R.7.MA.3; R.9.MA.1, CN.11.MA.3, CN.11.MA.4, CN.11.MA.5. Fine Arts Standards Theatre: CR1.7.1; CR1.5.3, CR1.6.3; R.7.5.1, R.7.6.1; R.7.7.1, R.7.8.1; R.8.5.1, R.8.6.1, R.8.7.1, R.8.8.1; R.8.5.3, R.8.6.3, R.8.7.3, R.8.8.3.