Incubus with 311

with Badflower

DATE: Sept. 2

TIMES: Gates open 5pm. Music starts at 6:45pm.



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The Grammy®-nominated band Incubus will be joined on the trek by alternative rock stalwarts 311, who are celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2020 (and will play all 50 U.S. States during the year) and Badflower, who recently had two No. 1 songs at Rock Radio. This summer marks the first time in 20 years that Incubus and 311 have toured together.

Incubus’ upcoming EP release, Trust Fall (Side B), will include their recently released single Our Love.” On the track, the band lock into an irresistible intergalactic groove, orbiting a funky bass line and percussive bounce. Sinewy and spacey guitar gives way to wistful acoustic strumming. Frontman Brandon Boyd’s voice lifts off on a hypnotic chant before a searing solo.

Meanwhile, the visual transports the musicians to a new galaxy altogether. After crash landing on a remote planet, Boyd connects with his bandmates. They jam in a psychedelic desert underneath a bright sun before slipping into a wonderland populated by mushrooms with a Fungus Amongus flare.

The EP will also include last year’s “Into The Summer,” which clocked upwards of 1 million views on the official music video as it attracted critical acclaim. Not to mention, they performed it live on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Features from Billboard and KERRANG!, raved that the track has “got a great chorus, and the guitar work has a spacey Ratatat-ish vibe.” Forbes noted, “Incubus have grown into a true legacy act: a band that has headlined festivals and arenas around the world, that have a dedicated following who eagerly awaits each new song and that a generation of fans have grown up with.”

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