VoiceJam A Cappella Festival

Mar. 31-Apr. 1, 2017

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VoiceJam Professional Showcase

Friday, March 31 at 8pm
Featuring Naturally 7

In a music world rife with technological tricks of the trade, Naturally Seven is here to celebrate the beauty of the human voice. This seven-man crew is more than just your average singing group. Its members have perfected an intriguing a cappella style they've branded as "Vocal Play" – in other words, singing as instruments. Tapping into various genres from pop to traditional gospel and rock to 17th century baroque, this top a cappella group is known for their mash-ups (or what they call “hybrids”) that take the essence of a well-known song and meld it with their own melodies and lyrics, letting their voices shine. The 3rd annual VoiceJam A Cappella Festival will soar to new heights with its most aca-famous headliner.


VoiceJam Competition

Saturday, April 1 at 8pm
Hosted by aca-amazing a cappella producer Deke Sharon

This is your chance to witness the hottest vocal bands from around the country competing for the title of VoiceJam Champion. Hosted by aca-amazing a cappella producer Deke Sharon, the competition portion of the VoiceJam festival is full of audience participation and fun for all ages. Come cheer on these vocal masters and cast your vote for aca-fan favorite!


The Wanted were crowned champions of VoiceJam 2016!

Click here to learn more about The Wanted as well as VoiceJam runner-up VirtuOSO.



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