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April 22 – June 4, 2011
Joy Pratt Markham Gallery

Mind of its Own, 2006, by Syd Carpenter; Spring, 2007, Markus Baenziger; Cyan Vertical, (partial), 2003, Sally Apfelbaum; Dog Heaven, 2008, Sarah McEneaney; Spider Web in Grass, Lois Dodd, 2004

Curated by Andrea Packard, Garden as Muse features major works by Sally Apfelbaum, Markus Baenziger, Syd Carpenter, Lois Dodd, Sarah McEneaney, five contemporary artists for whom gardens and botanical themes provide an ongoing source of inspiration. Working in distinct styles and different media, including photography, sculpture and painting, all five artists share a career-long fascination with the dynamism of nature.