Peter Bernstein, Larry Goldings & Bill Stewart Trio

Peter Bernstein, Larry Goldings & Bill Stewart Trio

DATE: Friday, March 15, 7:30pm

LOCATION: Starr Theater at Walton Arts Center

TICKETS: $30-$50



Guitarist Peter Bernstein, organist Larry Goldings and drummer Bill Stewart make up one of the best organ jazz trios of the past two decades.

Jazz enthusiasts recognize the trio for charting new ground with hard-swinging, yet thoughtful music. Drawing mainly on jazz standards, and a few original pieces, they re-imagine the organ jazz trio in a quiet, sensual and grooving presentation. The respect these musicians have for one another comes through in the subtle and intricate manner of their musical conversation on stage. Peter’s warm, feather-light touch and fluid improvisation with Larry Goldings’ warm hum, and Bill Stewart’s polyrhythmic and melodic focus, create a vivid combination of synergistic playing that lets each soloist float across the tunes.

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