Art Heist

Art Heist

DATE: May 6-23
LOCATIONS: Fayetteville, Rogers & Bentonville (see details below)
TICKETS: Starting at $20


Art Heist is an outdoor theater experience. You’ll walk to five different locations to hear the story and pick up clues. New shows begin every half hour and each group will be socially distanced. Masks will be required.

Put your “NCIS,” “CSI” and “Law & Order” skills to use and solve a ripped-from-the-walls, real-life mystery of the robbery of thirteen works of art, valued at half a billion dollars. Based on a true story, Art Heist is a true crime walking show where socially distanced groups move through five walkable locations to gather clues. The amateur investigators interact with a wild group of wily career criminals – slimy con men, rumpled art recovery specialists, a possible inside man, a gentle psychopath and the larger-than-life (but definitely real) self-proclaimed "Greatest Art Thief of All Time".


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