Indie Films Artosphere

Curated by Fayetteville Film Fest

DATE: Thursday, May 26, 7pm

LOCATION: Walton Arts Center


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Soul of the Sea
Directed by Elvis Caj
Arisa dances every day and night to songs that tell of the struggles of her people and their ancestors. Music and memory form a lyrical meditation on young womanhood, identity and belonging in a Garifuna community in Guatemala.
(10:00 - Narrative)

The 24
Directed by Clay Pruitt
Once a year, climbers from all over the world come together at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Jasper, Ark. to test their endurance in the world’s only 24-hour climbing competition. The official name of the event is “The 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell,” but contestants simply call it “Hell.”
(28:47 - Documentary)

Henyo, the Women of the Sea
Directed by Éloïc GIMENEZ
This film focuses on the life of the Haenyo – the diving women of Jeju in South Korea – with seven idiomatic expressions from the island. The animated sketches also highlight the musicality of the spoken language.
(5:15 - Animation)

Mike the Birdman
Directed by John Burcham Erwin
Mike Mlodinow has no car, no computer, no phone and only owns a few other possessions in his one-bedroom apartment in Fayetteville, Ark. His niche is in nature, where he exercises his passion for bird watching. Mike, binoculars in hand, can often be seen walking alongside a busy highway and catching a bus to the best bird watching locations in the area – from the Ozark Mountains to Lake Fayetteville to the sewer treatment plant.
(22:52 - Documentary)

Directed by Bogdan Mihăilescu
At the end of a road traveled by a man or the whole mankind one question remains: Is physical survival more important than spiritual purity? The answer can be found in a drop of water.
(7:14 - Animation)

Directed by Christian Gridelli and Hunter Norris
On a dystopian island, where the government has banned organic plant life, a man with an artificial flower shop grows real plants in secret, cultivating their surreal properties and trying to breathe some air into the smothering environment.
(20:00 - Narrative)