Incorporating Contemporary A Cappella into the Choral Classroom
with Michael Martinez (BIO INFO)
Saturday, April 7, 1pm-2:30pm

Traditional choral music and contemporary a cappella complement each other! Learn to incorporate contemporary a cappella into your classroom be promote student independence and SUCCESS. When you create a classroom environment where it is OK for everyone to make mistakes, (including YOU!) your students will be on their way to performing music with vocal range, control, tight harmonies and sick beats.

Arkansas Fine Arts Music Standards: Beginning Vocal Music I-IV: CR.1.BVMI.1; CR.3.BVMII.1; P.4.BVMII.1; P.5.BVMII.1; P.6.BVMIII.1; CN.11.BVMII.1; CN.11.BVMII.2. Vocal Music I – IV: CR.1.VMI.2; CR.2.VMII.1; CR.3.VMI.2; P.4.VMII.3; P.5.VMII.1; P.6.VMII.1

Reclaiming my time: maximize the efficiency of your rehearsals
with Dr. Stephen Caldwell (BIO INFO)
Saturday, April 7, 2:30pm-4pm

Never enough rehearsal time? A staggering amount of time may be lost to a variety of pedagogically poor procedures. Without an organized approach to your sequence, hours of time may be lost! Maximize your rehearsal efficiency by knowing how to DIRECT: Deconstruct, Isolate, Rehearse, Elucidate, Construct, and Test. This session will explore each of these six rehearsal steps and demonstrate practical examples for how to implement them into your rehearsal to help maximize rehearsal time, better engage singers, and improve performances.

Arkansas Fine Arts Music Standards: Vocal Music I-IV: CR.2.VMIII.1; P.4.VMIII.2; P.4.VMIV.3; P.5.VMIV.1; P.6.VMIII.1; R.8.VMIII.1; R.9.VMIV.1; CN.10.VMIII.1. Music Theory: CR.3.MT.3; P.4.MT.3; P.5.MT.3; R.8.MT.2.

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