National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Chairman Jane Chu recently announced a $25,000 Art Works grant to the Walton Arts Center to contribute towards support to our 10x10 Arts Series. The NEA announced awards totaling more than $27.6 million in its first funding round of fiscal year 2016.
The Art Works grant supports the creation and public engagement with art, lifelong learning in the arts, and the strengthening of communities through the arts. These awards are for projects in 13 arts disciplines and fields ranging from arts education to performing arts.
NEA Chairman Jane Chu said, “The arts are part of our everyday lives – no matter who you are or where you live – they have the power to transform individuals, spark economic vibrancy in communities, and transcend the boundaries across diverse sectors of society. Supporting projects like the one from Walton Arts Center offers more opportunities to engage in the arts every day.”
Peter B. Lane, President & CEO at Walton Arts Center says, “Our 10x10 Arts Series is a bold and diverse series inspired by what is happening in the arts today. From music, to dance, to film and more, the series transforms an audience into a community of exploration, discussion and learning.” He adds, “We are so grateful for this NEA grant that will allow us to offer performances at a low cost so more people can experience this innovative programming.”
In its sixth year, the 10x10 Arts Series lives up to the huge expectations of years past by combining great shows with interactive pre and post-show activities, get-togethers and conversations. This popular series gives culture seekers of every background and circumstance easy access to an experience unlike any other. One of the most popular aspects of this series has become the “sticky note” comments. Audience members are encouraged to fill out and post comments on the 10x10 feedback wall after each performance and can simultaneously read the comments of other patrons. This type of feedback is not typical for audiences or artists, and has become very memorable for everyone who participates.
For a complete listing of projects recommended for Art Works grant support, please visit the NEA website at
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