Direct from Salzburg, Austria, The Salzburg Marionette Theatre’s The Sound of Music is making its way to Walton Arts Center as part of the Family Fun Series. This distinguished group will perform one show Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 7 pm. Tickets are $15-20 plus applicable fees and can be purchased by calling Walton Arts Center’s Box Office at 479.443.5600 or by visiting

As a trading town, Salzburg was always a port of call for traveling puppet theaters and for a long time the only theatrical performances permitted by the Roman Catholic church. In 1913, the sculptor Anton Aicher and his family introduced the high art of puppetry into the cultural life of Salzburg and, over three generations, brought it to perfection.
The Salzburg Marionette Theatre is unique for its kind. One of the last remaining full-time professional marionette theaters in Europe, it contributes decisively to maintaining this very special art. Since its inception, it has attracted millions of spectators and undertaken hundreds of tours on all continents. Over the decades, a number of television and film productions have presented the Theatre in the media, bringing it to international audiences. Closely bound up with the town of Salzburg, and one of its oldest institutions, the Salzburg Marionette Theatre has always been one of the pillars of local cultural life.

The art of the Salzburg Marionette Theatre is based on the tradition of creating lifelike figures on the stage, giving the audience the illusion of watching real people. The perfect construction of the figures and countless technical inventions and achievements have made the Salzburg Marionette Theatre a leading representative of the art. The fine expressive detail in the sculptured heads, the meticulous tailoring of the costumes and the impeccable construction of the stage-sets – all these qualities combine to produce the outstanding performances of the Salzburg Marionette Theatre.

The highly-trained puppeteers are of course the essential element; many of them started here, and have achieved the top level in their profession. Each member of the ten-strong team is totally committed to the Theatre, ambitious to preserve the art and to maintain their leading place worldwide.